Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Library Thing Tuesday Thingers

The question this week is: How many books do you have cataloged in your LibraryThing account? How do you decide what to include? everything you have, everything you've read, and are there things you leave off?

At the present time I have 435 books entered on Library thing. I still have a bunch to list that are in storage and will require some heavy lifting to get to. I have decided to list everything that I have mainly so I have some idea what I do have and what I do not. Every catagory is important to me and I could not choose one above the other. I mainly have non-fiction with a little seasoning of fiction. One of the things that I really like about Libarary thing is that if (heaven forbid) something would happen to my collection I would know what I once had so that maybe I could someday replace it.
I only list those books that I do have in my library with the exception of having done a review for it that I want to stay up on Library Thing. If I don't have a reviewed book any longer I use the tag NLIL (No Longer In Library). I have not read everything in my library since so much of it is reference. I do not know anyone who has read the Materia Medica cover to cover. (At least not all at once) So my library is just what I love.


Anonymous said...

I like the "seasoning" of fiction, great word choice!

Jacquie Reaville (The Book Imp) said...

I like the idea of your library being what you love. It's a very good description. Mine however is everything I possess that is in any way literary.

Thinking about it though, when I lost a load of books on moving house, I was horrified. You wouldn't believe how upset I got, so perhaps my library is what I love too.

Literary Feline said...

I found myself nodding as I read your explanation of adding books to your library. My goal was to have a listing of all the books in my home as well. When I initially joined LT, I had so much fun logging all the books in--and I still do, although now I do them in smaller quantities as they come in.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've tagged you! Now you get to do one of these fun memes, lol, if you want to that is :)