Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jungle King Secrets

In “Jungle King Secrets, A Libido – Liberating Lifestyle For Superior Sexual Satisfaction” by Paul Adcock the reader will find a different way to look at the causes and solutions for Male Impotence. So often in our culture today the blame for any dysfunction in sexuality is often placed on the individual and the medical community has little to offer and often only serves to hinder the sufferer. This book chapter by chapter lays out the causes of Impotence from environmental, physical, stress, and dietary. It explains what men can do to retain or even regain their sexual prowess. As a woman reader I found this book to be educational and informative. I felt that the author spent a great deal of time doing research and included a rather comprehensive list of endnotes as one of the appendices. The information was thorough and complete. The writing style at times seemed a bit preachy but the subject matter seemed to warrant it. Many of the problems that are confronting all of us are because we have been indoctrinated by a corporate system to not think for ourselves. It is, I feel necessary for us to be preached at a bit to sit up and listen to information that we might not otherwise hear.Following the advice that has been thoroughly laid out in this book will not only assist men in their desire to maintain their Jungle King status it will improve their overall health and lifestyle. Women as will would be served by reading this book. It teaches good health and lifestyle principles and it also will teach women more about the men they love. I recommend it.

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