Saturday, June 14, 2008

The White Mary by Kira Salak

When I first read the description of this book and also the bio of the author I found myself feeling a bit intimidated. The Author at a very young age was hop skipping around the globe while I was debating if I should drive to a town two hours away on my own. We really grew up in different worlds. Her heroine in the book was leading a life not unlike hers. Marika, her main character has spent most of her life traveling the globe, going to dangerous interesting parts of the world and then writing about them, ultimately gaining great notoriety. I have to admit that I was intimidated. I did not know if I could connect with the character that she had created. However, once I started reading the book in no time could I find a way to empathize with her. She made me realize that no matter what our differences in life people are people are people and we all have our things to overcome, which is the main theme of this book.
Set in Papau New Guinea and also Boston the author starts the book mostly working two different time lines and places at once. I sometimes find this style to be annoying because I feel pulled away from one place before I have finished can be distracting. Kira Salak’s work, however, was very well done in this style. It allowed you to get to know the main character, Marika, in small snapshots just like you would a new friend. You were able to receive bits and pieces here and there slowly helping you to understand the main character better. I was immediately in love with Papau New Guinea and am appreciative of the opportunity to know more about it. I found all of the characters to be believable and I especially liked having the second voice of Pogo throughout much of the book. It gave the story a mirror for Marika and also a way to view the people of PNG.
If you enjoy fiction that takes you around the world and people learning to overcome their pain you will like this book. I recommend it.


Anonymous said...

This is in my TBR pile - yours is the second review I've read in the past half hour ... it must be a "sign" that I have to put it on top of the pile!

Meghan said...

Yeah, I agree the use of Pogo was really clever - we needed the contrast to see the humanity of the PNG people. It was a good book. =)

- medieval bookworm

Library Cat said...

I just received an ARC of this book and am very excited to read it.