Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do you have any unique books in your library- books only you have on LT? How many? Did you find cataloging information on your unique books, or did you hand-enter them? Do they fall into a particular category or categories, or are they a mix of different things? Have you ever looked at the "You and none other" feature on your statistics page, which shows books owned by only you and one other user? Ever made an LT friend by seeing what you share with only one other user?

I have about 33 books on LT that I am the only one to list. Most of the books I was able to find an ISBN for or I used the Library of Congress number. I hand entered four of them which includes the favorite rare book I have. The most rare book I have is called "The People's Horse, Cattle, Sheep and Swine, Doctor" by William H. Clark. Published in 1892 by M. T. Richardson, New York. I bought this book at an outdoor flea market in Rogers Ohio for about $2.00. I have looked for it on the Internet and have found a couple of copies for sale with antique book sites. This is actually a very interesting book that I am sure graced the shelf of many well read herdsman. As a kid I remember that you never called the vet out to your farm unless things got really messy. Most of us farmers just dealt with it ourselves with the aid of books like this and handed down knowledge. The neat thing with this book is the former owner had clipped out newspaper articles on animal husbandry and placed them in the book as a kind of filing system. I have not moved them since they make this book so much more fun. I also have quite a few books that I share with one other person but I have had no luck getting anyone to respond when I sent them messages about these books. My obscure books are in all categories in my library, but most of them are in the Chinese Medicine group.


Anonymous said...

Hi :) I'm HOPELESS at the link making stuff too. I never remember the code but I've bookmarked some info to help me.

The site I used is : http://www.echoecho.com/htmllinks01.htm

I always copy the whole yahoo thing, then go back and replace the yahoo link with the link I want.

Hope this helps :), that aside, Chinese Medicine books? Cool!

Marie said...

It's interesting when you find articles and stuff tucked inside books, especially when they're so on-point and helpful. I love hearing about everyone's unique/specialized interests- so neat! :-)

Anonymous said...

I few weeks ago I posted about "unusual bookmarks" -- the clippings in your found book are just the kind of thing I like to find! I have a strong interest in history/archaeology/genealogy and these little clippings can be treasures when doing research!

Literary Feline said...

I would probably have left the clippings in the book as well. It is interesting, some of the things you can find tucked away in a used book. A friend of mine recently discovered a love letter folded inside a book she had just bought from a local shop. We had fun thinking up a story around it.