Monday, August 4, 2008


FrameShifting: A Path to Wholeness
By David K. Banner PhD
Loving Healing Press, Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-932690-55-2

In this book the author explores the world of the ego. He presents ideas as to what it is and how to recognize when our egos are running our life, which is most of the time. Throughout the book the author also presents many different ways to learn to move from a more egocentric frame to one that allows us to live in a more unified way with everything else.

In this book you will not find firm concrete answers to the question of the ego but you will discover tools that the author has used in his own process. Each of the tools are discussed enough to let the reader have an idea of what they are about but he does not go into detail about each one. They include such programs as The Course in Miracles, The Avatar Program, and the Enneagram to have a better understanding of our own Ego and how it presents itself in the world. What the author does in this work is show you how he has taken from many programs throughout his journey to arrive at the place he is at now. He describes in somewhat self-conscious detail his own journey. He also encourages the reader to explore and do the same. He never insists on a particular program but offers ideas to the reader on where they can look and what they may find when they get there.

I enjoyed this book and found more than anything that it was inspiring to me. I have already done a little work with Avatar and other similar programs and after reading this book I feel encouraged to explore a bit more and to find more time for meditation in my life. I think a key word here is that this book is in a self-help kind of category of work. It is not meant to do the work for you but it assists you in helping yourself. I recommend it to anyone wanting to examine the way they relate to the world and do something about it.

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